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We like it.... LOUD

mp3 rotation and sharing community

We Like it Loud: MP3 Rotations
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About Us - Community Information
We Like It Loud is an mp3 rotation community, dealing with mostly trance, rave, eurobeat, that sort of thing. New mp3s are added weekly, but the old ones will be removed, so make sure you get them quickly. Please, comment when you download a song!
The Rules - Members Beware!
1. Only download one song at a time, please.
2. Keep your requests limited to one song per person per week.
3. We're only going to upload about 50mb of music a week, so share the request space with the other members.
4. The community is locked, so you'll have to join to see the posts.
5. If you want to contribute a song, email one of us and ask us if we have the song already. If not, you can send it to us via yousendit.com and we'll put it up with the next rotation. Comprende?
Posting to the Community
1. Always post between two to five songs. Don't spam us with an
individual post for each mp3, and don't give us a huge amount of music, either. Ration it out, it's not going anywhere.
2. Have a suitable host! The retainer must hold for at LEAST seven days. And nothing that requires a membership
3. Always anchor your links so they don't span funny.
4. Make sure everything works BEFORE posting. Double Check everything.
5. Use the format provided when posting

6. Don't LJ cut. Bet that's the first time you've seen that!
Legal Disclaimers & such
We do not encourage music theft and insist that you support the musicians by buying their CD! This community serves as a way to sample rare music only. We claim no ownership of any of the music here and I don't want my ass beaten in by LJ so read this disclaimer okay.
Link Ups & Affiliates
~ Ebb & Flow
Community Staff & Contributers
Blu & Catriana are the mods of this community. If you need help, ask one of them.
Music Sharers: Leira, Enola, and Zudah